Change in Focus: Back to Behavior Consulting

This is a post specifically for my clients- 

Dear Clients,

This month marks a major change in the shape of Dog Willing.  In the last three and a half years this company has grown in so many wonderful ways. In January 2014, I went from just private training to clients to offering classes at The Pet Republic and I've really enjoyed the expansion of the dog community that that entailed.  However, since then I've learned a lot about operating a business with employees, scheduling up to fourteen classes per week, being available to both my class and behavior clien ts, and juggling my home life to accommodate the needs of a growing family and business.  As much as I've enjoyed this and have valued what has developed, it has become more and more obvious to me over the last couple of months that I have hit the point where I need to focus my attentions on what interests me most and where I can best serve my clients.  This is through the behavior consulting.  

At this point, we've grown to the degree where I can't say with certainty that I would be able to continue to provide my behavior clients with the time and attention they need while also worrying about scheduling and teaching classes were I to continue on this track. It would not be fair to you to do either of those jobs with only half my attention so this month Dog Willing will be the last month that Dog Wiling offers classes.  Starting in September, our wonderful partners at Running the Pack will be taking over the class aspect of the business and offering the same service through the actual The Pet Republic name.  

Many of the excellent instructors you have enjoyed with Dog Willing will still be teaching in September and High Fidelity Dog Training (Kate Bigger's company) will still be offering the phenomenal Scentwork classes.  Be sure to check out the full offering of September classes at


I will still be offering behavior consulting and private lessons and working with all of my current clients individually. I will still be renting the space during the day.  I think this arrangement will allow me to offer the best service possible to my clients, and also allow me to spend time with my family. Scheduling is still available for all the private work through

Please let me know if you have any questions at all about the transition and know that you can still reach me at anytime going forward at  

I look forward to continuing to work with you and maybe even finding some time to take a class with my own dogs!

Happy Training!