My Dog's Holiday Wish List - What Does Your Dog Want for Christmas?

Since I have three little kids at home and we celebrate Christmas, Santa has been a hot topic in our household.  My oldest wrote his first letter to Santa this year with his one great wish for Christmas (a guitar), but we've been brainstorming what other people and dogs in the house might want.  As such, I felt compelled to put myself in Beskow's shoes and think of what would make her wish list in 2014. Here is my best bet! 1. A permanently "on" Treat and Train. Have you seen these machines? They're magical.  According to Beskow they dispense treats for doing silly little things like running to her crate, staying quiet when the doorbell rings, or staying on her mat- all without a Human even having to be involved... (little does she know!)

2. A foobler that never ran out of new sections.  These sweet little toy has six sections that are timed to dispense every 15 minutes (or more) throughout the day.  Beskow thinks that it could be improved by having infinity sections, but she's not exactly an engineer. (We also carry these at The Pet Republic!)

3. Endless frozen kongs.  Just think of the frozen yogurt, pureed pumpkin, or chicken brother with it's bits and pieces of kibbles and cheez and treats- oh my!! Have you tried freezing your kongs? Here's a way I use mine. (These are also at our store- buy local!)

4. An unattended litterbox. Sigh. She IS a dog, after all. I just hope Santa denies her this one!

5. Pounds and pounds of Polkadog Cod Skins.  No explanation needed.  Here she is with our most recent box from our store:

6. A new kitten.  What can I say? She's a sap.  She has looooved the kittens we fostered and the one we adopted since getting her. So I would bet this would be on her list.


Happy Holidays from Dog Willing! What are you getting your lucky pup this year?!