Currently, Adria has accepted a new position with the IAABC as the Education Coordinator and will not be taking new clients. Please check out for local trainers and behavior consultants that may be able to help you!

In the dense urban environment we live in- typically with small apartments and few yards- it's easy for common dog behaviors to quickly become problem behaviors. Whether it is barking at other dogs or people on leash, biting guests to your home, chewing up the carpet, or just jumping up when you would rather they didn't, an individual behavior consultation will give you the one-on-one assistance that you need. We will tackle any problem from puppies that pee in the kitchen all the way up through dogs that bite- no problem is too big or too small, if it's a problem for you, it's a problem for us. Let us help!

In an individual consult we'll sit down, discuss the problem, and set up a plan to fix it.  You will leave the first session with tools for dealing with the problem and clear idea of where we're going and what changes you should see. The behavior consultant will then be available to you over email or phone to help with follow-up.