So many of our clients are choosing to add a dog to their family through rescuing an adolescent or adult dog from a shelter or foster organization.  We think this is great and endeavor to support your family as they travel this road. Unlike puppy owners, people that bring a dog over 6 months old into their home do not get the opportunity to socialize them to all of the things they may encounter in their environment.  If your dog is coming up from "the south" they may have never encountered a city before arriving at your home; they may never have seen a toddler, been on a leash, dealt with people in winter coats or strange hats... they may have never experienced 95% of what they will encounter every single time they walk out of your house.  These dogs need special attention and we're here for you.  

We understand both the extraodinary nature of these dogs and the sometimes heartbreaking levels of fear or anxiety they are dealing with.  Call us, sign up for a consult, or email- we can help!