Getting a new dog or puppy? This is simply a list of the gear I would buy to be prepared. This list goes well with a pre-puppy consult.

For resting at home- I would get a crate (check the size!), a bed, and some chew toys. Check the size on the kongs and also whether you want a puppy kong or an adult kong. Puppy kong are for before about five months old. 


For outside - you'll need something for your dog to wear while walking (the harness, check the size!) and for running (the longline). Your new dog won't be able to go off-leash yet so the longline is a lifesaver! Check the size. I like the 1/2", 33 foot long one. 


Treats for Training are also for outside!

Ways to keep your dog busy!

Books to Buy to raise a good dog! Choose a puppy book or a rescued dog book- either way, these will get you where you need to be for training, living together, and good manners. 


Clean Up - because there's an adjustment period for every animal and you want to be prepared.