Currently, Adria has accepted a new position with the IAABC as the Education Coordinator and will not be taking new clients. Please check out for local trainers and behavior consultants that may be able to help you!

Check out the resources for great information: 

My favorite reading for raising kids (or just having them around) with dogs is found on a blog by Madeleine Gabriel.  I’ve followed her suggestions with my kids and seen huge benefits, I’ve also now had many clients transition from newborn —> toddler —> preschooler and have reported back good success with this approach. Here is a link to each post in her blog series:

It's a lot of reading, but helps you understand what’s going on from the dogs’ perspective and how learning to respect a dog’s boundaries is also safer for kids in general.

It's also good to get familiar with some typical body language that indicates that dogs are uncomfortable.  Most kids make dogs uncomfortable at some point or another, so knowing the signs of mild discomfort is really useful - it allows us to head of potential problems before they arise. 

Here is a good site for that type of information: 

In particular:

And, the book “Living with Kids and Dogs” is for a little later but a FANTASTIC resource.